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$20K Ordinance Fails, CJCC review pretrial services, and WC pushes through a $20MM Jail Expansion

A lot happened this week so I'm just going to dive right in!

Ordinance to spend $20,000 of taxpayer dollars on outside council FAILED at its first reading. But we’re not done yet!

Here’s how the JPs voted: click here. It will be back on the agenda up to 2 more times, with the next reading at the full Quorum Court meeting on 10/19 @ 6pm. We need you to continue to show up and voice your concerns!

You can stream the full meeting here. Discussion for this item starts at 31:24. Give it a watch. For those of you following this court, the responses and discussion will not surprise you.


Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee (CJCC) heard excellent detail on pretrial services programs. It’s moving slowly, but it is moving!

You can check out some of the great reporting here. A big shout out to the CJCC and Ms. Whitney Payne, law clerk for Judge Christi Beaumont, and to Judge Beaumont for the work they’ve done on this. It is encouraging indeed.

Not only did Ms. Payne completely understand her assignment, she took it and ran with it. Here’s just a snapshot of the details provided. There’s a lot more information and it’s still a work in progress, but I think anyone who’s been following the CJCC will be very interested!


County moves forward with the Jail Expansion even though the most citizens in WC have voted NO!

We made it clear we do not want our tax dollars spent on a jail expansion. The ARPA funds are tax dollars. Why aren’t our leaders listening to us?

Four companies submitted proposals and you can read them here:

Why is WC proceeding to spend over $20M of ARPA money on jail expansions? If the federal government decides we have used ARPA money inappropriately and in violation of the federal rules and regulations, we, the WC taxpayers, could be required to repay that money.

Every taxpayer in Washington County should be paying attention to this and asking their elected officials questions about compliance.


Where we need YOU this week!

WASHINGTON COUNTY FULL CJCC MEETING, Thursday, 9/28 @ 12:00 PM, Quorum Courtroom, WC Courthouse. IN PERSON ONLY. Hopefully the meeting will also be live streamed here, but to participate, you must attend the meeting.

WASHINGTON COUNTY PLANNING BOARD meets Thursday, 9/28 @ 5:00 PM, WC Courthouse, Quorum Courtroom. IN PERSON ONLY.

Please note: The county calendar says 6 pm, but all Planning Board meetings start at 5 pm. I’ll confirm that Monday and update with a post to Social Media if it is not 5pm.

There is only one item on the agenda and that’s for the Steve Wilson Minor Subdivision. Location: Section 22, Township 14, Range 30

  • Applicant: Blew & Associates

  • Location Address: 15872 S Hwy 71. West Fork, AR 72774

  • Proposed Use: Residential

  • JP District: District 14 – Gary Ricker

  • Approximately: +/- 12.12 acres / 1 parcel


We NEED Your Help!

  • ATTEND The CJCC meeting Thursday. Thank the members for their work on justice reforms.

  • Contact your JP and set up a time to meet them for coffee or just to get together. Become a regular voice in their ear and urge them to vote for criminal justice reform and be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

  • Share this Newsletters with your friends and neighbors!

  • Write letters to the editor.

I welcome your questions and comments, also suggestions you have for any county related business. You can reach me at or text or call 479-306-9994.

Here’s the link to email addresses and telephone numbers for JPs, County Judge, and others.

See you at the courthouse!

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