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Continuation of 2024 Budget discussion included a request for a modest increase to the Prosecutor’s

The Prosecuting Attorney, Matt Durrett’s 2024 budget proposal contains $1,172,717.00 salaries and benefits for the three deputy PAs and support staff. This represents an 1% increase over last year. This is a modest increase. I am curious to see how this budget compares to the County Defender’s office. I’ll dive into that soon! You can watch the full video here (it’s very short - about 15 minutes).

Did You Know? Here in Washington County we have twenty-one (21) Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys and one Prosecutor – Matt Durrett. Three (3) of those deputy prosecutors are paid by the county, two at $76,680 annually, and one at $85,779.00. All others are paid 100% by the state.

Matt Durrett’s salary is paid 100% by the state and is $183,272.64.

Here’s the link to his full salary.

At this meeting, we also reviewed 2024 budget proposals from Treasurer Bobby Hill and Circuit Court Judge Joanna Taylor.

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