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Want to know how we went from a $97M budget to the proposed $112M budget (+15% year over year)!?

WC 2024 Budget information to consider after the October Finance & Budget meeting:

  • This is the reason we’ve had a nice cushion in the General Reserve Fund (“GRF”). In 2021 the QC transferred $3,427,272.51 of CARES Act money which was supposed to be used to help the community during the pandemic but, instead, went into savings. It has been used for items like: cameras, new job positions, salary increases for a few, etc. NONE went to direct aid to the community.

  • We’ve been spending money from GRF like crazy all year.

  • County Judge is asking for an increase in his emergency fund from $75K to $300K.

  • Our property and casualty insurance costs have increased tremendously. I think that’s pretty much out of our control. Insurance rates everywhere have increased enormously.

  • Likewise with our health insurance costs. Again, not unique to WC, but I do not want our county employees to absorb this increase. We need to find a way to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  • Budget as proposed includes big raises for elected officials and I don’t see that happening.

  • 106% increase in Quorum Court budget. Including $8K for meals and lodging? Not sure what that’s about. I don’t see that passing either - unless there’s a logical explanation of which I’m unaware. Certainly not if it’s for salaries for JPs. Who thought this was a good idea?

  • How many new positions have been created and funded from GRF?

  • How much money has the county spent on changing the county seal? Maybe that amount is insignificant (I have no idea), but it’s a question and we need to know, but is any amount insignificant when we’re dealing with taxpayer dollars? I think it is not.

  • How much has the county spent defending lawsuits that might have been avoided with proper training and risk management?

  • The Sheriff has asked for $1.6M salary increases. It’s not just the sheriff, though.

  • The 2024 budget is $112M (if it’s passed as now written) and that’s up from $97M for 2023!

  • If we had passed the budget that night as it is/was, that would have cut our unappropriated reserves to less than $500K. This is unsustainable.

What questions do you have? Let me know and I will get you answers.

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